An Australian Award Winning Artist

I have always admired and been inspired by the impressionist painters Heyson, Roberts, McCubbin, Condor and Streeton, their handling of light and contrasting colour depicted in their impressions of the never changing hues of the Australian scenery.

Streeton wrote an apologia to the public in 1889 after the 9 x 5 exhibition of 183 works

“An effect is only momentary: so an impressionist tries to find his place, two half hours are never alike, and he who tries to paint a sunset on two successive evenings must be more or less painting from memory. So, in these works, it has been the object of the artists to render faithfully, and thus obtain first records of effects widely differing, and often very fleeting character.”

This statement constantly reminds me of the ever changing colour's of the landscape before me, it changes minute by minute and whilst on site I must capture and transform as quickly as possible the scene onto my blank canvas. Being a professional artist is an exciting journey and is a never ending learning experience. Werner Filipich